XE795 Elliptical Trainer

Spirit Fitness XE795 Elliptical Trainer

Spirit Fitness XE795 Elliptical Trainer

Spirit FitnessThe Spirit Fitness XE795 was designed with Comfort, Durability and Value in mind. The natural 20″ stride length and narrow pedal spacing ensure an ideal stride motion, while the oversized/cushioned foot pedals, and cushioned ergonomic hand grips ensure comfort at the touch points.

The XE795 is self-powered, meaning no cords to worry about. You can place this product anywhere. The large sealed roller bearings used with the pedal arms and handlebars, along with the dual roller wheels and aluminum tracks, assure a smooth and reliable workout. The frame has been constructed as one solid welded piece from front to back for added stability and durability, while minimizing noise.
Spirit Fitness XE795 Elliptical Trainer

The XE795 is designed with convenience, comfort, reliability, and aesthetic appeal in mind. We are confident that if people enjoy the experience – proper ergonomics and biomechanics, a smooth, quiet stride, important workout data feedback, and challenging programs, that they will adhere to a regular exercise routine.

Additional Features:

  • Generator Drive System requiring no external power source.
  • Dual track and concave roller wheel system for added stability.
  • 40 levels of resistance to help customize your workout.
  • A bright blue backlit LCD with essential feedback data.
  • Wireless Heart Rate makes for ideal monitoring during exercise.

The XE795 10 year parts warranty rivals any in the industry. Your investment ensures peace of mind knowing that you have a quality built product with a long term commitment from us should you need service down the road.

View the Spirit Fitness XE795 Features Brochure (.pdf)

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